Scientific Calculator for Basic and Intermediate Algebra

A basic image description of the calculator's screen and key pad is shown below:


  • On screen editable full arithmetic expressions.
  • Color coded multiple level of parenthesis.
  • Simultaneous on-screen display of three arithmetic expressions and their answers.
  • Fourteen one click access functions.
  • Toggle Decimal-Fraction answer display mode.
  • Optional multiple of fractional p answer display.
  • Access to all setting options via right hand click on calculator's screen.
  • All entered expressions automatically saved for later retrieval.
  • Accepts inputs via mouse click on screen keypad or via keyboard.
  • Save option for screen display in ".bmp" or ".jpeg" formats.


  • Basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Secondary arithmetic operations: square root, square, cube root, cube, nth root, log (log base 10), 10x, ln (log base e) and ex.


  • Operates as a small size window on the monitor's screen.
  • Expression editing/display can be operated as three separate calculators or in scrolling mode.
  • Arithmetic expressions and their answers simultaneously displayed.
  • Accepts inputs via mouse click on screen keypad or via keyboard.
  • Expressions can be edited and re-evaluated.
  • Answers can be used as inputs of another expression.
  • Answer mode can be selected from: Decimal, Scientific notation or Fraction modes.
  • All entered expressions are automatically stored and can be retrieved later to the display area.
  • Factoring of integer numbers with list of possible combination of pairs.
  • Allows for saving the display area as an image in ".bmp" or ".jpg" formats.

System Requirements:

PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT or XP.

Usage examples