On-screen Graphing Calculator for College Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus


Five main menu tools:






Calc: The Arithmetic Calculator

  • On screen editable full arithmetic expressions.
  • Color coded multiple level of parenthesis.
  • Simultaneous on-screen display of eight arithmetic expressions and their answers.
  • Twenty three one click access functions including trigonometric functions and their inverses.
  • Toggle Decimal-Fraction answer display mode.
  • Toggle Radians-Degrees answer display mode.
  • Optional multiple of fractional p answer display.
  • Access to all setting options via right hand click on calculator's screen.
  • All entered expressions automatically saved for later retrieval.
  • Accepts inputs via mouse click on screen keypad or via keyboard.
  • Save option for screen display in ".bmp" or ".jpeg" formats.

f(x): Function Grapher and Graph Analysis Tool

  • On screen editable full functional expressions for up to twenty simultaneous functions.
  • User selectable display/hide graph and function color.
  • Graphing in Rectangular, Polar or Parametric form via one-click options.
  • Toggle Radians-Degree input mode.
  • Twenty three one click key-pad functions for functional expressions.
  • Click and drag zooming and screen subset selection.
  • Simultaneous function evaluation (and slope) at user specified point for all plotted functions.
  • Finding of real roots by click and drag subscreen selection.
  • Finding of absolute maximum and minimum in user selected region of the screen.
  • Finding of functions intersection in user selected region of the screen.
  • Evaluates definite integral and area between curves within user specified limits.
  • Save option for screen display in ".bmp" or ".jpeg" formats.

Lists: List Editing Tool

  • Fast easy to use data list builder and editor.
  • Storage of user created lists limited just by the disk space.

Regr: Regression Tool

  • Finds best fitting function to a set of data values using "Linear", "Logarithmic", "Exponential", "Power" or "Quadratic" models.
  • Fast selection of data set from dropdown menu of stored lists.
  • Automatic display of best fitting graph and data points.
  • Detailed display of estimated values and errors.
  • Graph and data screen can be saved as
  • Best fitting functional expression can be exported directly to the graphing tool.
  • Save option for full screen display in ".bmp" or ".jpeg" formats.
Matrix: Matrix Editing and Algebra Tool
  • Fast easy to use matrix builder and editor.
  • Accepts up to 10 x 10 matrices.
  • Storage of user created matricess limited just by the disk space.
  • Basic matrix operations with stored matrices: addition, subtraction, scalar multiply, product of matrices.
  • Gauss Jordan elimination in either step-by-step tutorial or in one click.
  • Finds Inverse, Determinant and Trace of a matrix.

System Requirements:

PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT or XP.

Usage examples/tutorials