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License Agreement

ASP License Agreement

The ASP (Algebraic ScratchPad) computer program, and its individual components, are all copyrighted materials and, as such, are protected by law. By purchasing a copy of the ASP program, the purchaser is granted a revocable single-user license for their use. All other rights are reserved by Greg Mushial and Greg Mushial Digital Resources (GMDR). The purchaser is hereafter referred to as the LICENSEE.

Under the terms of this agreement, the Licensee may use the ASP program and its associated components on only one (1) computer at a time. Simultaneous use on more than one computer is prohibited.

This license also strictly prohibits: 1) posting or redistributing any or all of the ASP program in print, via an electronic network, or any other means, 2) sharing copies (1 or more) with others, 3) making derivatives, 4) decompiling and recompiling the source code, or 5) reselling any ASP materials(s) other than the case of a single, full-conveyance sale or transfer. Upon transferring the materials, the original Licensee MUST remove all ASP materials from his/her computer(s).

The grantee of this license is strictly liable for any misuse of that license. GMDR is not liable for copyright violations committed by the Licensee.

By purchasing a copy of the ASP CDROM, the purchaser is accepting the terms and conditions of the above license agreement in full.

Distribution Information

ASP is distributed on a (1) jewel cased CDROM; and in order to ensure all licensees receive the most currently available ASP material, ie, not old shelf stock, these CDROMs are CDR in format, and are minted on just-in-time per the order. These CDROMs are written in the standard Windows compatible format.

Hardware Requirements

ASP v2.1 is a compiled 32-bit Windows application, where the executable is a complete .Exe file, (ie, not .DLLs to install). ASP will run on any of Microsoft's (Intel hardware) Windows, from Window 95 and forward. ASP is a graphics application, and although it will run at 640x480 VGA screen resolution, the minimum practical resolution is 800x600; and where 1024x768 or 1280x1024 are the recommended resolutions. ASP requires a minimum color depth of 4 bits (16 colors). As a program, ASP uses very little system RAM - something on the order of 4MB - as such, we're inclined to say: "if you can run your operating system, then you have enough memory to also run ASP".


$25 (postpaid, North America), $50 (postpaid, outside North America)
U.S. deliveries will be made via USPS Priority Mail; elsewhere via USPS, UPS, FedEx, as available. For multiple copies, or site licenses, please contact us at

How to Order / The Ordering Procedure

1) click the PayPal button below.
2) done.

Upon confirmation of receipt of payment from PayPal (usually within 12 hours), a CDR will be minted, and within 2 business days, will be shipped.

The ASP CDR will be shipped to the billing address provided via the PayPal payment receipt - if another address is desired, specify that in the memo portion of the PayPal payment form.


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