25-20 Winchester

Fire Arm






: Marlin 1894cl

: 22 inches

: 1:16 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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The 25-20 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) a quite capable varmint and small game cartridge out to 100-150 yards, was developed by Winchester for the Model 1892. (The 25-20 Single Shot, a very successful cartridge, but 0.300" too long to function in the then new 1892 action.) The 25-20 WCF is a 32-20 necked down to accept .257" bullets.

Introduced in 1893 or '95, it became one of this country's most popular small game cartridges - the pot gun cartridge of choice until the introduction of the 22 Hornet in 1930. Early chamberings were in the Win m1892, m53s (1920s) and m65's (1930s), Rem m25 slide (1920s), Marlin m27 (1910) and m94 lever, Savage bolt m23 (1920s). From 1949 thru 1957 Win m43 bolt was available. At various times, Kimber, Sako and Browning have also produced limited quantities.

Being a lever gun cartridge, the max pressure for the 25-20 is SAAMI limited to 28k CUP (vs 48k for 256 Win Mag). Recently (1990) Marlin has rechambered it in their m1894cl. There are many improved version of the 25-20, the most common is the 255 Dean. The maximum SAAMI pressure for the 25-20 is 28k CUP. .257

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