30-30 Winchester

Fire Arm






: Marlin 336

: 20 inches

: 1:12 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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The 30-30 Winchester, or, the 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), the first American designed small-bore smokeless powder sporting cartridge. Introduced by Win in 1895, along with the 25-35, and the m1894 lever gun. The original load was 30/30/160 at 1970 fps. Unfortunately, jacketed bullets proved incompatible with blackpowder, further loads where smokeless powder based.

Initially, the 30-30 didn't sell. That has changed since. Now, known worldwide, the 30-30 has developed the reputation as being *the* lever gun deer cartridge. Win has chambered the 30-30 in their m95, m55, m64 levers and m54 bolt. Marlin has chambered it in their m36 and m336; Savage in their m99 lever and m40 bolt. The Remington Rolling Block also chambered in 30-30. By 1993 Win had produced their 5 millionth m1894, by 1979 Marlin had produced their 3 millionth m336.

Independent of its reputation, the 30-30 is: a good, not great, 100-150 yard small to medium deer cartridge. While the 30-30 has probably taken more deer in this country than any other cartridge, it has probably also left more wounded deer than all the rest. The 30-30 is not an open country deer cartridge. In a m1894 the 30-30 only generates 200 ft-lbs more than a 44 Mag in the same gun, less than 1800 ft-lbs. Although loadable with 100 or 110 grain bullets, most lever guns dont have the accuracy for varmint shooting. For deer hunting a 170 gr flatpoint is the choice, for small same, a 150 gr flatpoint. For in the woods hunting, the 35 Rem is a better choice. Used worldwide, the 30-30 is known throughout Europe as the 7.62x51R. The SAAMI maximum pressures for the 30-30 are: 38k CUP, 42k PSI. Nominal bullet diameter is .308".

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