375 H&H Magnum

Fire Arm






: Remington 30s

: 26 inches

: 1:12 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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A commercial cartridge. Formally, the 375 Holland & Holland. The iconic and consummate small-bore Africa hunting cartridge. Developed by Holland and Holland of London, ca. 1912. One of the original belted and rimless cartridges of its era. Developed as an all-around Africa buffalo and big cat cartridge, introduced as the largest caliber of the H&H cartridges (others being the 275, 300 and 350).

From the 1920s until the introduction of the 338 Win Mag and 340 Wby (1958 and '62) it reigned as "the" uncontested magnum large game hunting cartridge. (Though for North American hunting, for other than the largest moose or bears it would prove to be too powerful.) Originally Cordite charged, after the 1920s, smokeless powders have been used exclusively.

Its belted rimless form represented a transition away from the 60 and 70 caliber rimmed cartridges (eg, 600 NE) prevailing at its introduction. Over time the 375 has provided the basis for: most of the Weatherby cartridges; most of the commercial belted magnums introduced by Winchester, Remington or Norma, for the last half of the 20th century - 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 300 Wby, 458 Win Mag, etc; and many if not most of the magnum wildcats of the century. The 375's introduction also represented a transition in rifle types, from single shots, doubles or drillings, shooting rimmed cartridge; to rifles using cartridges headspacing off a shoulder or belt, and magazine fed. Today, almost a century later, the cartridge still has a loyal and well deserved following. Of note: the rim diameter and geometry of the today's modern short fat magnums, are those of the 375 H&H.

The case capacity of the 375 H&H is: 90.7gr (of water), fullcase, or 76.7gr with a flatbase bullet seated 0.50". This is large in comparison to a 30-06, 68.2 and 58.8 grains, respectively; or the 375 Whelen, 75.1grs and 61.1grs. But small in comparison to today's largest hunting magnums: 375 Rem Ultra Mag, 112.6gr and 98.9gr; 378 Wby, 128.2gr and 114.3gr. If one "improves" the 375 H&H, the results are the 375 Wby, 99.6gr and 85.6gr, respectively, or a 10% increase in capacity.

A stout 375 H&H load can generate 4800 fp's muzzle energy (300gr bullet at 2700fps), and matching heavy recoil. The nominal bullet diameter is .375", the ANSI maximum operating pressure is listed as 53K CUP or 62K PSI.

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