41 Remington Magnum

Fire Arm






: Marlin 1894s

: 20 inches

: 1:18 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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ANSI technical cartridge drawing
Introduced in June 1964 by Smith and Wesson in conjunction with their m57 heavy frame revolver. Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan deserve credit for designing, developing and proselytizing for the 41. Whereas the 44 Rem Mag can trace its lineage back to the 44 S&W Special and the 44 S&W Russian, the 41's roots lie in the 1924 .400" Eimer wildcat. Given the success with 40000 CUP (36000 psi) rating for the 44 Mag, the 41 was/is given the same maximum pressure rating. The 41 Mag is a honest .410" cartridge, unlike the 41 Long Colt - .386" (or even the 44 Mag - .429"). Originally offered with medium velocity loads for police work and high velocity as hunting loads, has evolved into a small and medium game cartridge.


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