44 Remington Magnum

Fire Arm






: Marlin 1894s

: 20 inches

: 1:38 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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Introduced in 1955 by Smith and Wesson in conjunction with their model 29 heavy frame revolver. For the next decade the 44 remained a pistol cartridge. In 1961 Ruger chambered it in their model 44 semiauto carbine. In 1964 Marlin offered their model 336 in 44 Mag, and dropped it shortly thereafter. Likewise in 1967 Remington offered their model 788 bolt in 44 Mag. Winchester also briefly offered their model 1894 in 44 Mag. Today (1998) Marlin offers their model 1894s in 44 Mag; Rossi also offers their model 92 in 44 Mag.

The legendary Elmer Keith is given credit for the 44 Rem Mag - his research throughout the 1940s, and avocacy in the 1950s, arguing a need and place for a handgun and cartridge capable of dropping most if not all North American game.

Although Keith did his research with hugely overpressure 44 Special rounds in comparably very short life expectancy 44 Special wheelguns, in order to guarantee the new 44 Mag rounds couldn't be chambered in a 44 Special (15000 CUP rated) firearm, (besides garnering an additional 4.2 grs of capacity), the 44 Special case was lengthened by .125". The 44 Mag is pressure rated at 40000 CUP (36000 psi).

In addition to its established reputation as significant deer and black bear hundgun hunting round, the 44 Mag can also be loaded (back) down to 44 Special velocities and used as a target round.

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