44 S&W Special

Fire Arm






: Marlin 1894s

: 20 inches

: 1:38 inches

: 24 X

: 50 yards

: 10

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ANSI technical cartridge drawing
Today, the Smith and Wesson Special, is a very accurate target cartridge. When introduced by both Colt and Smith & Wesson in 1907, it was a solution to a problem: the then new smokeless powders were/are less dense than the pre-existing blackpowder. The 44 Smith and Wesson Russian, then a much chambered cartridge, when loaded with blackpowder had sufficient capacity, when reloaded with smokeless powder, the capacity proved inadequate. A 44 Special, 6+ grains and .200" larger and longer, respectively, was the solution.

Although the ability to shoot 44 Russian rounds in 44 Special firearms was pivotal to the 44 Special's early success, and although the 44 Special will chamber in 44 Rem Mag firearms, in general, the extra bullet jump distance compromises the accuracy of said combination.

Of note: it was with the 44 Special which Elmer Keith did his work (research) leading to the development and introduction of 44 Remington Magnum. The 44 Special is pressure rated at 14000 CUP.

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