Additional Chronograph Data Pages

Over the last decade, we, GMDR, have taken significantly more data than that listed on our LeverGun Studies/Data pages - that data was taken to understand the demands/requirements of precision shooting of hardcast bullets from Marlin Microgroove barrels in the CAS velocity range (900-1300 fps); the data one will find on these Additional Data Pages is chronograph data which does not fit into the CAS data class, but is sufficiently interesting to make worth sharing.

As stated on the LeverGun Studies/Data pages, and will be restated here: the data published on this site: is chronograph data - we are simply reporting: what we did, with what, and what we saw as the results. In no way is this data being shared as reloading data.

Data Specs:
The generated data was either real-time processed by At-The-Range, a chronographic system manager, or after the fact, again with ATR. Resulting data was stored in GMDR.Load databases, and presented using GMDR.Load.

The resulting data is listed by cartridge. Data within a cartridge is broken down by bullet weight and type. The context information for a cartridge and information about the history/lineage of a cartridge can be had by clicking on the cartridge name at the left. To access the data for a particular bullet weight/type, click on that title as listed under the desired cartridge.

The acronyms used in the tables for the different cartridge components are:

PR : Primer,
OAL : cartridge Over All Length,
CM : Case Manufacturer,
TempF : temperature in Degrees Farenheit,
PT : Powder Type,
PW : Powder weight in grains,
Vel : Velocity in feet per second,
SD : velocity Standard Deviation in feet per second,
GS : Group Size in inches.

It is expressly and strictly the handloader's responsibility to know their firearms, reloading equipment, components, procedures and safety practices.
GMDR has no control over individual reloading practices, reloading components or the quality of the firearms in which the resulting ammunition will be used, and as such, assumes NO liability for mishaps of any kind resulting from the use or misuse of the engineering data presented on these pages.

Click on a cartridge title at the left to see information about that cartridge and the specific context information for that cartridge's data; Click on the bullet weight listed beneath each cartridge to see the data for that cartridge/bullet weight.

greg mushial
25 May 2004