The "Index" Database of GMDR.Load

When the Index data base is loaded into GMDR.Load's working memory, the user has access to the list of data sources that contain reloading information for a total of more than 850 cartridges. The Index database includes the list of bullet weights and powder types referenced on each data source, to help the user locate the most suitable reference for his/her reloading components (see figure below).

Example of Index database in memory

GMDR.Load provides reloading references to more than 90 current and historical reloading manuals and more than 20 years of magazine references (Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Guns, etc). This extensive reference collection helps with the finding of reloading data sources for discontinued cartridges or cartridges for which reloading data with very specific components are dificult to locate.

Examples of Index database and cartridge access