The GMDR.Load Ballistic Coefficient Calculator

The Ballistic Coefficient Calculator utility of GMDR.Load gives the user the capability of deriving the Ballistic Coefficient of a bullet shot in flat fire, by simply dialing the measured muzzle velocity and one of the following:

(a) the terminal velocity,
(b) the time-of-flight, or
(c) the bullet's drop in horizontal shooting,

at any specific, user selectable, location down-range.

Importantly, the user can dial-in the particular ambient conditions at which the data were taken. When any of the four field values: [1] Terminal Velocity, [2] Time-of-Flight, [3] BC (Ballistic Coefficient) or [4] Drop, is dialed, the other three and hence interdependent values (not set by the user's dialing) are automatically re-calculated and updated on the screen. The screen also displays the lateral view of the bullet's trajectory, based on the G1 drag function which is used in all calculations.


 BC Calculator Page

Up to ten trajectories can be stored on the screen for reference. All screens are point and click printable.