The GMDR.Load Graph Utility

Being able to graphically represent the load data is one of GMDR.Load's main strengths, which makes it UNIQUE in the industry. For decades handloaders have drawn powder weight vs. velocity graphs, for interpolating or extrapolating for powder weights or velocities not explicitly available.


 Graphics Utility screen dump


GMDR.Load allows automatic display of powder weight vs velocity graph/s and for an additional 223 graph forms, eg, kinetic energy or powerfactor vs powder weight, group size vs velocity, etc. Because the GMDR.Load user potentially has access to several hundreds of thousands of handloads, to help keep the user from drowning in data, GMDR.Load allows the user to sort the data by 15 different criteria, and then again within those another 15, where each subset of the data is graphed in a (sub)window (pane) of the main graph.

Each pane can be zoomed to full screen size by simply clicking on it. GMDR.Load also allows the user to explicitly filter the data by powder-type, bullet-weight, and/or barrel-length. Any filtering is independent of, and can be used in conjunction with any sorting of the data. When associated data are graphed, they are connected by a line (to show their relationship). The user may ask that each data point or associated set of data be annotated with information from the data, eg, the bullet weight, powder type, barrel length of the test firearm, etc., 14 different variables are possible. (graph examples)

When a user wants to know more about the data being graphed, being represented by a line or a point, over and above the annotation data, the user only has to click on that point or line - GMDR.Load will pop-up a small window and tell them everything it knows about said data.


 Load Specifics inquiry


The units in which the data is plotted on the screen can be changed from SAE to Metric and viceversa at just the click of a button. All screens in the graphics utility are point and click printable.

An animated sequence which gives some guide lines on the use of the basic features of the graphic utility, can be accessed by clicking on the following line (this animated gif may not be playable on old browsers) :

Access Graphics Utility Usage - Animated Sequence