Chronology of GMDR.Load Releases

[July 2002]
Version 3 of GMDR.Load is available. This new major upgrade adds the following features:
  • Three times faster algorithms than version 2.88D, in XBC, BCCalc, and the Graph Utility.
  • GMDR.Load can now update itself and constituent parts automatically via the Internet.
  • New multiple inclusive and exclusive filter capabilities in the Graphing Utility.
  • Ballistic Coefficient Calculator supports also metric system.
  • Supports user generated Cartridge Name List.
  • Absolutely all windows have help file in web-page format.
  • Weatherby shoulders supported in the Cartridge Designer Tool.
  • Gun Inventory Functions.
  • Target Tool:
    • Drives any TWAIN scanner.
    • Maintains archive of scanned targets.
    • Group Size automatically calculated.
    • Prints standard targets.
  • Additional electronic versions of reloading manuals (that can be purchased from RCBS):
    • Hornady 5, Barnes 3, Lapua 2, Sierra 4 P and 4 R.
  • Reloading data bases free to the user (unlocked, available for immediate use):
    • Accurate 2, Alliant 1998, Alliant 2000, Hodgdon 1998, Hodgdon 2000, Laser Cast 1, RamShot 2, RCBS 1, Somchen 1997, Speer 13, Vectan 4, VihtaVuori 2000, Winchester 15 and Winchester 2000 (34,874 loads for 215 cartridges).
  • The Standard Bullet, Factory Loads and Cartridge Drawing databases have been enlarged:
    • 1628 standard bullets.
    • 1537 factory loads.
    • 412 cartridge drawings

[March 2001]
Version 2.88D of GMDR.Load is released. Over and above the features of version 2.88C (see below), version 2.88D adds the following:
  • Two additional reloading manuals free to the user (unlocked, available for immediate use):
    • Accurate Smokeless Powder Loading Guide #2
    • Reloading Guide for Rifles and Handguns VihtaVuory 2000
  • Optional (can be purchased from RCBS) electronic versions of:
    • Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading #5 (2000)
    • VihtaVuori Reloading Manual #3 (2000)

[April 2000]
Version 2.88C: More data, more standard bullets, more factory loads, and MORE function. Gets 3 additional reloading manuals: Alliant 2000, Hodgdon 2000 (which includes reloading data for the 300 Rem Ultra Mag) and Winchester 2000; the optional ICD (Import Chronograph Data ) tool; an enlarged User's Cartridge Main List and a total of 800 Cartridges in the Index. Version 2.88C includes (free, unlocked, available for your immediate use): Accurate Smokless Powder Loading Guide #1, Alliant 1998, Alliant 2000, Hodgdon's Basic Reloading Manual 1998, Hodgdon's Basic Reloading Manual 2000, Laser Cast Reloading Manual #1, RCBS Cast Bullet Manual, Somchem Reloading Powders Manual 1997, the very new Speer Manual #13, Vectan Manual #4, Winchester's Reloading Manual #15 and Winchester 2000. (Additonal current + historic manuals, for purchase, are also included on the CDROM - these can be purchased from RCBS at 1-800-533-5000)

The ICD (Import Chronograph Data) optional tool allows the user to build user's data files (in the GMDR.Load standard format) by retrieving automatically chronograph stored data from Shooting Chrony chronographs models Beta and Gamma. This optional tool is included in the new CDROM version 2.88C, and can be purchased separately contacting RCBS (1-800-533-5000). The help information for the ICD tool comes in electronic form and is accessed directly from the ICD screen.

Other recently incorporated features include:
  • Zooming of any portion of the graphic display by cursor dragging (in the Graph Utility):
    subset selection
  • Display of the cursor position coordinates in the Graph Utility, for the immediate interpolation of the displayed handload data:
    Finding intermediate load information
  • Very detailed trajectory information in the form of a Pop-Up for the current bullet trajectory for any position along the range (in the External Ballistic Calculator - this is in addition to the previous and still available trajectory comparison Pop-Up):
Right hand clicking in the XBC
  • Saving from session to session of all the variables set by the user in the External Ballistic Calculator.
  • Automatic setting of appropriate unit systems (comma decimal and metric) for European and South American PC users.

****** Note ******
Licensed owners of earlier versions of GMDR.Load can obtain the new CDROM version from RCBS at a nominal fee,
by calling 1-800-533-5000.