GMDR.Load Version Downloadable Updates

Downloadable GMDR.Load Version 3 Updates

A significant feature, new to GMDR.Load version 3.0, is the ability to update itself via the Web/internet. The purpose of this page is to let GMDR.Load users know when and what updates have been made available on the GMDR.Load website. The list of updates is presented in reverse time order - the oldest at the bottom, the most recent at the top. The "Download through" column pertains to which submenu item under "Updates" on the main GMDR.Load tools menu will need to be clicked to download a particular update. Of note: all updates are cummulative, ie, an update higher on the list, will also contain all other updates for that object (list, exe, or help) further down the list.

Of note: now that GMDR is moving toward producing GMDR.Load version 4, and that version 2 has now been supported for sixteen years, time has ceased to be available to support version 2 any longer. For those desperate for one last bullet catalog update, please contact us and we'll do our best to provide said updates, but such will of necessity be on a time available basis. And for those still using version two - thought might be given to migrating to version 4 when it becomes available.

Information on known Vista/W7-GMDR.Load update confict (easily surmountable)

Version 3 Updates History

Date Description Download through
21-Feb-2014 Standard Bullet catalog has been updated to reflect the bullets listed as available in Nosler Reloading Guide #7. Nosler has done an extensive reorganization of their component bullet lines - this update incorporates said realignment. Standard Bullet catalog now contains 2785 bullets (up from 2677). Lists
25-Apr-2013 A special thanks to Leonard Wojcik for nudging this change/update forward. The Import Chronograph Data function now will process either human generated chronograph log data, or the simple text file downloadable from the CED chronographs. The human created files are of the format one string of shot velocities per line; the CED file as downloaded from their top-end chronograph. The updated help file explains the details of the supported formats. This update is known as version "3.39". GMDR.Load
25-Apr-2013 The Hornady #9 reloading manual and the Berger #1 reloading manual have been added to the collection of reloading data manuals available to the GMDR.Load user. Both these manuals are "locked" and as such require ownership of the respective dead-tree manauals to unlock them. Version 3.39 of .Load is also required to access this new data. Load Data
5-Mar-2013 Minor change: in the Target Tool, when the group size circles are drawn - either Center-of-Mass or Center-to-Center - the center of the circle is now denoted with a "+". This update is known as version "3.38d". GMDR.Load
10-Jan-2013 The Factory Loads catalog has been updated to reflect the Hornady 2013 product catalog from their website as of 9Jan2013. The Factory Loads catalog now contains 2637 entries. This update represents probably the single largest change/increase in size in the catalog in its sixteen year history. Hornady significantly revamped their product line since 2012 - lots of NTX loads, lots of FTX loads, lots of GMX loads. Lists
9-Jan-2013 The Standard Bullets catalog has been updated to reflect the Hornady 2013 product catalog from their website as of 9Jan2013. The Standard Bullets catalog now contains 2683 entries. Lists
6-Jan-2013 Bug fix in XBC. A bug was found where "Print Drop Tables" would produce a Invalid Floating Pt number error message if the source bullet was from a "Factory Load" (it worked fine if the bullet was from the "Standard Bullets" list. This updated version is known as "3.38C". GMDR.Load
10-Aug-12 GMDR.Load ver 3.38b XBC modified to support very light air-gun weight pellets. Previous version of the XBC has a cutoff whereby bullets less than 20gr were considered user error or database error and trajectories were not computed for them. The 20gr cutoff has been reduced to 5gr. This updated GMDR.Load is available for downloading, and since the change is minor, is still called ver 3.38b. GMDR.Load
9-Aug-12 Standard bullets list brought current to Hornady's website as of 9Aug2012. Standard bullet catalog now contains 2661 entries. Of Note: although most of the changes involve the addition of new bullets, some of the older listings have had their BCs changed - as such trajectories computed for these bullets will be different from trajectories computed with the old data. Lists
8-Aug-12 Standard bullets list brought current to Speer's website as of 8Aug2012. Standard bullet catalog now contains 2587 entries. Of Note: this new data/BCs as listed in represents a significant change from what has been published previously, ie, trajectories computed with this new data will be different from those using previously published data. Lists
8-Aug-12 Standard bullets list brought current to Sierra's website as of 8Aug2012. Standard bullet catalog now contains 2522 entries. Lists
8-Aug-12 GMDR.Load ver 3.38b update is available for downloading. This fixes a bug in the XBC whereby energy values were not calculated for bullets of less than 20gr - that limit has now been set to 5gr. Additionally, GMDR.Load has been modified to allow it to continue to use the previous to version 3.38 bullet catalogs (though G7 BC data will not be available) - this is to allow users to continue to use 3.38 even though they haven't yet downloaded the updated lists/catalogs - though to make full use of 3.38, the updated catalogs do need to be downloaded/updated. GMDR.Load
5-Aug-12 Barnes Standard Bullets and Factory Loads data brought up to date (current to 5Aug2012). Now 2510 standard bullets and 2428 factory loads in respective catalogs. Lists
21-Apr-12 GMDR.Load update version 3.38: Target Tool now supports importation of scanned target images (as .bmp or .jpg) for inclusion in its database - nolonger required for .Load to scan and import images. GMDR.Load
1-Feb-12 Factory cartridge/loads list extended to 2387 entries; Berger non-G1 bullets added to standard bullet list, likewise Rocky Mountain non-G1 bullets added to list - now 2419 entries. Lists
27-Nov-11 GMDR.Load update version 3.37: External Ballistics Calculator now supports non-G1 BCs - support now for G1, G2, G5, G6, G7 and G8; downloaded bullet catalogs when available will include non-G1 bullet data; user can add their non-G1 bullet data with modified/existing "Add User Bullet" tool; BC calculators (single and batch) now support calculation of non-G1 BCs given TOF, Drop or Terminal V data (as before for only G1).

NOTE: if updating from 3.xx to 3.37 or 3.38, one MUST download a new/updated bullet list to use the new non-G1 functions. So that the correct updated bullet lists are downloaded, this update must be done from within a version 3.37 or 3.38 (any older version will not know about the new lists and will only download the old ones).

10-Dec-10 GMDR.Load update version 3.36: Added the ability to download reloading data databases - found on Load Data page - now a new CD from RCBS nolonger required when new data becomes available. GMDR.Load and DataDownload
4-Aug-09 GMDR.Load update version 3.34: Minor change - print targers now on Tool Popup; added the ability for Trajectory as Table to print tables in MKS units (prev only SAE); minor bug fix where .ini file became corrupted and values weren't validity checked, simpy used - no longer - if values out of range, defaults now used. GMDR.Load
28-May-09 GMDR.Load update version 3.32: Added Lyman 49, Nosler, Barnes 4 data to databases; added computed values to Chartridge Characteristics - radial and bolt thrust values at SAAMI maxP and user sepected pressure values; a handfull of bug fixes. GMDR.Load
27-Aug-08 GMDR.Load update version 3.31b: Cartridge Designer Custom Print user color selections now maintained as a dictionary, which is maintained across sesions; user can save colors to dictionary, select from it, likewise delete from it; Chartridge Characteristics can now be copied to ClipBoard. GMDR.Load
21-Aug-08 GMDR.Load update version 3.31: Added continuous gradient shading to chartridge drawings in Cartridge Deisnger; output to user selected DPI in output bitmap; lighting phase offset added; also exponential shading to exaggerate shaing effects. GMDR.Load
15-Aug-08 GMDR.Load update version 3.31: Added "Cartridge Characteristics" to Cartridge Designer. Added the ability to download powder density list (during "Lists" update) for use in case capacity calculator GMDR.Load
10-Aug-08 GMDR.Load update version 3.30: Added user selectable bullet outlines to Cartridge Designer drawings; user can select a default bullet outline and specific outlines per each cartridge; selections remembered across sessions. GMDR.Load
21-Jun-08 GMDR.Load updated version 3.29 (adds bullet sectional density graph and bullet seating depth/case capacity correction chart) GMDR.Load
10-Nov-07 Standard Bullets list and Factory Bullets list again expanded, (2069 and 1875) total now, including industry new items. Lists
30-Aug-05 Standard Bullets list and Factory Bullets list again expanded, (2020 and 1829) total now, including Remington and Winchester new items. Lists
3-Aug-04 Added 54 cowboy and wildcats to cartridge drawings reference collection - total now 494 Lists
21-Jul-04 Lazzeroni 7.21 Tomahawk, 7.21 Firebird, 7.82 Patriot, 8.59 Galaxy, 8.59 Titan, 10.57 Maverick and 10.57 Meteor added to cartridge design reference drawings. Lists
19-Jul-04 204 Ruger, 25 WSSM, 6.8 Rem SPC added to cartridge design reference drawings. Lists
18-Jun-04 3.15 distribution now includes Hornady #6; support for pretty-print of trajectory table of specifics added to .exe GMDR.Load
22-Mar-04 Standard Bullets list again expanded, 1926 total now, to include Oregon Trail cast bullets. Lists
18-Mar-04 Standard Bullets list updated to include Hornady 2004 additions - 1884 bullets now in list. Lists
7-Mar-04 Lee bullets added to XBC standard bullets list, 1847 bullets now in list. Lists
26-Feb-04 Ver 3.0.10, Target Tool now allows for the overlay of a 1", .5" or 1cm grid over the target selected for printing. GMDR.Load
16-Feb-04 223 and 243 WSSM, and 500 S&W cartridges drawings added to distribution. Lists
26-Jan-04 Comp, TiteWad and WAAP to powder type synonyms list. Lists
20-Jan-04 Cartridge entries added for: 204 Ruger and 6.8x43Rem SPC. Lists
18-Jan-04 Ver3.0.8 Support added for IndexShort.Sld (for XP users with FileLoadError problems); bug fixed in ICD where ES data was exported as ED; and ICD support for data stored w/o TimeStamp information. GMDR.Load
11-Nov-03 Ver3.0.7 added up/down inclination table to xbc to answer questions of from a stand shooting GMDR.Load
10-Oct-03 Standard Bullets (1765 entries) and Factory Loads (1773 entries) catalogs updated for 2003. Lists
07-Jul-03 Ver3.0.6 added support for lyman 48, sierra 5; added view load data error list. GMDR.Load
30-Apr-03 Ver 3.0.5 added explicit winsock initialize and terminate for Win95 SE users GMDR.Load
02-Apr-03 Ver 3.0.5 extended BW list down to 5gr for KEC GMDR.Load
10-Jan-03 Ver 3.0.4 recoded load std/factory bullets to avoid conflict with Via C3 processors GMDR.Load
28-Dec-02 Ver 3.0.3: coded CD to use explicit directory names for .cls files GMDR.Load
20-Sep-02 ver 3.0.2: fixed bug in TT where deleted hole was only partially "forgotten"; recoded CD to select fonts/line widths to accommodate variable size frames GMDR.Load
22-Jun-02 Cartridge Designer Reference Catalog of cartridge drawings expanded to 432, up from 412 included in 3.0.0 distribution. New cartridges add to Gibbs and Ackley collection, also to standard 1960's, 1970's wildcats. Lists
12-Jun-02 GMDR.Load version 3.0 features list and code base frozen, called version 3.0.0 - version and code base shipped on version 3.0 CDROM -