anAlgebraic ScratchPad by GMDR
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  • What is ASP?

ASP icon ASP, anAlgebraic ScratchPad, is Microsoft Windows® software designed as a two-dimensional graphic aid for mathematical and engineering applications. Its unique expression evaluator allows for the graphing on the x-y plane of individual points and/or functions of a single variable, which are typed by the user in standard algebraic form. ASP's extremely simple Windows® interface also makes it an axcellent educational tool for both teacher and student (College Algebra and Calculus).
Its most recently incorporated feature ("MAT"), is a matrix algebra tool with a highly malleable interface and millisecond expression evaluation. As a teaching tool is features step by step animation for complex matrix operations. Written originally for ITV use, has also become in-classroom choice with LCD projector.
  • ASP minimum hardware requirements are:

Windows XP®, 98®, 95® or NT, 4MB of RAM, pentium-75 processor, 0.5 MB of disk space, 1024x768x256 color graphic/screen resolution.The program is distributed on a 3.5" diskette. The installation is very simple and is handled entirely by the installer utility which comes with the distribution. The installer creates a desktop group and icon to facilitate later use of the program.

  • ASP's main features:

    • Extremely simple and user friendly point and click interface.
    • Fast graphing of individual data points and mathematical functions.
    • Simultaneous display of up to 10 functions.
    • Keeps a history list of all expressions entered during the session to facilitate later retrieval, reuse and re-editting.
    • Allows for segmented and/or limited domain functions.
    • Selectable font sizes, colors and trace widths to optimize presentations.
    • Numerical evaluation and graphing of derivatives (point and click).
    • Numerical evaluation and graphing of inverse of functions (point and click).
    • Numerical evaluation of definite integrals.
    • Access to text displays.
    • Zooming of user selected (cursor dragging) regions of the screen.
    • Language option setting (English or Spanish) of the control panel.
    • User selectable x and y ranges.
    • Point and click printing of the screen.
    • Cut and paste into the clipboard of user selected screen regions.

  • MAT's main features:

    • Independent and point and click selectable row and column operations.
    • Supports symbolic and/or actual numerical evaluation of arbitrarily complex matrix expressions.
    • User generated matrix archive.
    • Inverse of a square matrix.
    • Matrix determinant calculation.
    • Fast on-screen point and click editing of matrix elements.
    • Operations among matrices.
    • Matrix diagonalization in one step or by animated step by step tutorial.
    • Operations with augmented matrices.
    • Simplex Method in one step or by animated step by step tutorial.
    • Selectable color and font sizes.
    • Zooming of user selected (cursor dragging) regions of the screen.

ASP's screenshoot