GMDR.Load Data Base Manager

GMDR offers access to electronic copies of over 70 reloading manuals... More than 324,000 handloads from most of the reloading manuals published since 1950. In conjunction with these electronic copies of the standard industry manuals, the user can add, create, preserve their own data.

In addition to accessing separate databases, GMDR.Load supports the merging of databases, allowing the user to agglomerate the load data in ways which are meaningful and useful to them. Databases are merged on a cartridge by cartridge basis, independent of source, although with source identified. RCBS uses a list of more than 1000 cartridges, for which handload data can be stored for later usage. The cartridges are listed by increasing bullet diameter, and within this in approximately increasing order of cartridge capacity.

GMDR.Load tries to preserve in the textual visualization of the handloads, the format in which the traditional reloading manuals present the reloading data. The GMDR.Load distribution for 2005, includes reloading data from:

In total: 34,874 loads, for 215 cartridges.

Handloading information from currently available manuals and from historical manuals (no longer in print) and magazines has been put into electronic form by GMDR to be accessed easily and studied through GMDR.Load. These databases provide the most extensive source of data available in the industry, and are being used by GMDR for the studies on the statistical analysis of load performance by components. The "Index" file (one of the databases which come with the GMDR.Load distribution) contains the list of the data sources (Manuals and magazines, current and historical) that have handload information for more than 700 different cartridges; it contains also which powder types and bullet weights are referenced in such data sources. Some of the electronic databases (current and historical) with the actual detailed handload information are available to the public through RCBS.