GMDR.Load version 3 now available. Learn about its new features.

  • What is GMDR.Load?

GMDR.Load is Microsoft Windows® software for the handloading, wildcat and hunting community. GMDR.Load implements: a database manager for a very large handload and factory load performance database; a graph utility which allows visualization of any data from that database, with filters, slicing and zooming; a Kinetic Energy Calculator, a very sophisticated External Ballistics Calculator; a utility to automate the addition of user load data to the database; a cartridge drawing utility ; a cartridge designer utility for the wildcatters; a Ballistic Coefficient Calculator, and many other useful technical charts and tables
  • GMDR.Load Version 3 minimum hardware/software requirements are:

Windows 95 SE®,Windows 98® or NT, 16MB of RAM, 486-66 processor, 4MB to 11MB of disk space (according to the number of installed databases), 800x600x256 color graphic/screen resolution.The program as well as the databases are distributed on CDROM. The installation is very simple and is handled entirely by the installer utility provided with the distribution.
The Experts say:
"GMDR.Load software is almost a tour de force offering, offering complete load tables, comparative capabilities, ballistic software, and more. ... you can have virtually every loading manual ever printed in the United States right in your computer."
Rocky Raab, The Varmint Hunter #36, October 2000
"This unbelievably powerful piece of software is an invaluable reference for any serious handloader."
Mike Detty, LaserCast Shooter's Journal, Summer 2000
"GMDR.Load provides some great tools, things I have not yet seen but always wanted." "The External Ballistic Calculator is extremely well laid out and gets an A+ from me." "I think the two zero options feature alone makes GMDR.Load worth the purchase price." "In my experience, amongs the litany of software products, calculating bullet trajectory, this is the most accurate." "Those in search of the ultimate load will find GMDR.Load invaluable."
John Antanies, The Varmint Hunter #34, April 2000
"...the computer will show details useful to reloading in ways that no reloading book can do. The external ballistics trajectory section is especially interesting ... the list of variables is very impresive."
Robert A Rinker, The Varmint Hunter #29, Jan 1999
"I was delighted to see the GMDR.Load program give results much closer to my experience ... this baby accurately predicts bullet trajectory."
John Antanies, The Varmint Hunter #32, October 1999
"GMDR.Load is much more than a reloading manual."
John Haviland, The Varmint Hunter #30, April 1999
"This program should be on your own shop computer. Imagine answering technical questions from your customers with just a keystroke!"
Petersen's Shot Business, 12/21/98
"And if you have a computer, you should look into GMDR.Load,..."
North American Hunter, May/June/July 1998
"Destined to become any reloader's best friend, GMDR.Load ..."
Petersen's Shot Business 1/30/98